Soul Magic (ソウル·マジック Sōru majikku) is a Lost Magic is given only to Soul Trackers from the Grim Reaper.


Soul Magic is a LostMagic that allows the user to track and see souls of good and the damned, this magic is given to the Soul tracker which allows to track down evil souls and destory them. But also the magic can be use to deal damage as well by the user focusing all their spirital soul energy and use this to deal deadly force melee strikes which example the if a user strikes a certain type of body part by using force they could brutal deal a lot of damage.


Successive Palm Soul Menace - Three Extremes "Wèi" "Wú" "Shǔ": This spell rapidly hits an opponent three times in succession, using the same fist. The attack inflicts enough internal damage to cause the target to bleed from the mouth.

Two Palm Soul Menace- Twin Spears: this spell is a variation of the attack Soul Menace that instead makes use of both hands, rather than just one. The attack works using the same principle as its one handed version; that by resonating with one's own soul, the user can drive their own soul wave length directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them, causing strong direct and internal damage. However, due to the inclusion of an extra hand, the attack's power is greatly amplified and able to incapacitate even strong opponents.