Poison Dragon Slayer Magic 

A type of Lost, Caster, and Dragon Slayer Magic that involve the element: Poison.


Poison Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of magic that lets a user incorporate the element of poison into their body, granting them excludobr traits possessed by a Poison Dragon. The caster is able to freely produce and control poison, and manifested it in the form of "toxic gas". Such gas seems to be show how tangible this magic is and can thus be used as an effectively blunt weapon, which is inflicting physical damage to foes while at the same time inflicting them with poison as well. The way it works from Poison Dragon Slayers is that it starts off by slowly stealing the victim's body, moving away, before subsequently killing them. Cobra, a user of this magic has faith in his Dragon Slayer abilities to claim that one touch from his Poison Dragon Slayer Magic will decay and utterly destroy everything in his path.

Being a form of this Dragon Slayer Magic, this magic allows the user to consume external sources of its element and that is to restore body health and regain strength. Cobra takes of the poison produce by his pet, Cubellios,  and thus has a steady stock of poison at his disposal.

Due to being a artifically created Dragon Slayer, Cobra can use his Dragon Slayer abilities to enter into Dragon Force mode. This showcased the great corrosive power of his poison which is disintegrating the sleeves of his coat merely upon activation.


Basic Spells

Spiral jawn

Poison Dragon's Spiral Jaw

Scales of the Poison Dragon

Poison Dragon's Scales 


Poison Dragon's Roar

Poison Dragon's Shield

Poison Dragon's Guard

Poison Dragon Twin Fang

Poison Dragon's Twin Fang

Fang Thrust of the Poison Dragon

Poison Dragon's Fang Thrust