Laxus Fury

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic

A form of Caster Magic, Lost Magic,Dragon Slayer Magic which uses the element: Lightning.


Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of magic that allows a user to incorporate the element of lightning into their body, gaining exculsive characteristics which are commonly associated with Lightning Dragons. The user is capable of producing lightning from their body and controling it to attack their opponents. This magic's seems tp possess an incredibly high voltage, being very destructive and the electricity of which they're composed of seems capable of momentarily immobolizing foes, making it easier for the user to take them out. However, their trajecting might be changed by metal object such as a lightning rod thus redirecting the attacks.

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic being a form of a Dragon Slayer are able to consume external sources of electricity and lightning to restore their health and regain strength. However, this will not work for lightning they produce themselves.

Due to Laxus Dreyar, a user of this magic, being a artificially created Dragon Slayer, employing these abilities prompts him to enter Dragon Force mode very easily.


Breakdown Fist of Thunder Dragon

Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist

Thunder Dragon's Roar

Lightning Dragon's Roar

Laxus's Rairyū Hōtengeki

Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd