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This wiki is a place for fan fiction of DBZ and Fairy Tail, mainly. This is the home of the Dark Kingdom and the Arcane Elites. Please help us get bigger by adding your own RP pages and specific magic pages. We will be mainly using things from Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball Z. Please respect everyone, and make sure that you try to be as good as possible in your work. Some cross-overs may not be appreciated and may end up being at risk of deletion. We will not be allowing most cross overs so please at least try to keep the worlds separate.

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We're trying to build a GIANT community of RPer's and have cross-overs from many wikis, mainly DBZ, and Fairy Tail. IF you are creating an RP character page, please start it with "Roleplay Char:" We would also appreciate if you made a page for your character's magic or guild as well. Some examples shall be up soon, as the first few pages.

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Darcy Vaile

Darcy Vaile

Darcy Vaile is one of the most respected and strongest wizards in the wizard world. She is the strongest of the ten wizard saints and a former S-Class Mage of the independent guild Grave Light. She used to be partnered with a very sedictive and abusive partner Jaquleine Ross, otherwise known as Black Jaq, which had been the main reason she wanted to leave Grave Light.

She is known as the Astral Mistress or Sky Maiden due to being the only user of the lost and ancient magic, known as Heaven's Magic. She uses mainly attack magic although being capable to preform support and healing magic in battle, and whenever an injury is made she instantly heals it.