What all character pages need to contain are as follows in the next few titles with a definition below on what it should contain.

Basic Info Above Contents

What should be here is a basic description of the person, what magic they do and where they stand in the magical world very shortly and quickly.


What this should contain is what the character normally wears, the style of their hair, how they look and other things you would notice when you see them, for example scars, freckles, wings etc.


As the title states, write about their personality.


Although optional, this will benefit on the knowledge of your character. What should be in here is obviously, your character's past. This should involve things prior to your characters appearances in the storylines or arcs. Their history may end up having to be revealed if we like their character so much, so please be very careful in your making of this.


This should involve everything the character has done in their appearences in their story arcs or even the episodes. This is NOT optional and must be done. This can be an unlimited amount of characters but as a minimum I believe the synopsis would be best at, at least 500 words.

Magic and Abilities

Obviously most characters should have something in this page. This should set out some things involving their magic and also a link to the page(s) about these magics. Please, again, be careful with creating these as these will be very crucial for your character.


This should set out the terms of the weapons or armor that they use or create. This would be very crucial in the creation process of your character. This should also set out the terms of their magic.

Battles and Events

Links to the pages of their battles and/or events and also saying if they have won or lost. This could also say that it was tied or interrupted.


Any trivial facts on the creation of your character. This could contain anything from the name or where you had gotten the idea from. Basically this is where you would answer some questions readers would have.