PrinceKakarotSS3's Bureaucrat Issue(s)

I wish to open up a discussion board to discuss about some of Yash's Bureaucratic issue(s) Cross Fanon has seen in the chat room last night. I would like for this discussion to reach to a consensus that Yash is to be removed of his Bureaucrat spot and if that is reached, then I shall forward this to a staff member who shall decide if Yash needs to be removed of his Bureaucrat rights. The issue(s) at hand here is Yash abusing his rights/powers that is completely unacceptable. Yash is charged with misbehavior on chat, encouraging misbehavior, idiotic bans and kicks and being a bad role model. If this discussion agrees that Yash is guilty of those charges, then this discussion will be filed as a motion of no confidence and will be presented to a staff member for appropriate removal of Yash's Bureaucratic rights. Any users and admins/bureaucrats may voice their opinion on the matter and those users or admins/bureaucrats can be people who were there to witness Yash's power abuse. This discussion board were brought up by me, CouncilOrg, and Coco or XCosmos and was approved by Starod101. The following two links are all courtsey of XCosmos. This is being posted here to help you decide your vote.
In the first link, you will see on the far right that he had made DSM a chat Mod...only for the reason of annoying a chat user, Bereisgreat. You also see him telling one of the two co-founders that it is "enough" therefore leading to his disrespect charge.
In the second link, you see Kakarot demanding that nobody undo the ban, causing DSM to laugh at this, who still had remained a chat mod. He is then being shown as well to be abusing his power in doing this, by demanding a ban for no reason. Although DSM has been removed of those powers later on, Kakarot still retain his.
Through these two pieces of evidence, we hope we have made you reach a decision, unbiased and for the better of Cross Fanon. For the voting rules, please put support or against and your comments for the no confidence movement. Thank you for reading and helping with the reconstruction/construction of our wiki. Again, if enough votes from other users and Bureaucrats/Admins support the removal of Yash's Bureaucrat spot, then this will be filed as a no confidence motion that will be presented to a staff member who shall perform the appropriate removal.
Please support this no confidence motion! It will be appreciated!